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Games Domain Analysis

With the upcoming .games gtld release, I thought it would be interesting to go over the past year’s game keyword related sales and to relate it to the current extension.

The pricing on .games has a lower cost of entry compared to other gTLD’s with a renewal rate of ~$15/year.  If you’re interested in preregistration, the application can cost anywhere from $135 – $12,000.

After crunching numbers related to game(s), I found the below 100+ names sold on the aftermarket this year; with an average sale price of $702.  Eliminating the lower and upper outliars, that average drops down to $486.    Because of these numbers, I feel that the game space with .COM’s is severely undervalued and cannot recommend the purchase of a gTLD.

If you are in it for the long-term investment and want to avoid .COM’s, I would suggest a .NET; as I predict we will see a .NET renaissance within this decade.